I expect Tannehill to be better this season. He has made improvements every year, but Tannehill must make enough strides this season to show he is a legit franchise quarterback. That’s no easy task. I like Tannehill, because he has enough tools and intangibles to be successful. But there are some concerns, such as his inability to throw the deep ball and lack of play speed, at times. It’s important for Tannehill to erase these “maybes” this year. Tannehill played with an awful offensive line and an inconsistent running game in 2013. Miami should be better in both areas, which will help Tannehill’s development.

Tannehill has to prove he is the long-term solution at quarterback for the Dolphins. He is 15-17 as a starter in Miami. Tannehill had enough flashes the first two seasons to show potential. But this is the time for that potential to become reality with the Dolphins. This is a make-or-break Year 3, because most NFL quarterbacks do not get four years to show their worth. If Tannehill doesn’t prove to be consistent and lead Miami to the playoffs, the Dolphins could go in another direction or at least bring in competition after this season.